Release 2023 September 22: version 2023.0.70
- fix: License activation dialod doesn't display license issues when a trial license is present and valid

Release 2023 Aug 19: version 2023.0.66
- fix: (Win) Python script crash
- fix: (Win) Application blocks execution when a USD file is loaded from an embedded Python script
- fix: (Mac & Linux) Application data are saved into user directory instead of appropriate ones
- fix: (Mac) Inline html help browser doesn't show

Release 2023 Jul 05: version 2023.0.53
- new: Pixar USD support (Windows only)
- new: RizomUVLink Python module (Windows only)
- new: NVidia Omniverse support (Windows only)
- new: Auto-Unfold mode in Magic Wand polygon selection tool
- new: Repeat last action and last 2 actions
- new: Unfold along U and V
- new: Edge selection by edge orientation in UV space using the histogram bar
- new: Fit to grid can fit to the tile/UDim grid
- new: Fit to grid can now add the tile's margin in Tile mode
- new: Fit to grid can fit in U, or V or both axis independently or uniformly
- new: Select non-manifold primitives (See Select menu)
- new: Exporter Stamper now can export PNG files with transparent background
- new: In the mouse customizer, the feature list can now by sorted by name
- new: Mouse wheel effect on zoom can be inverted
- new: GUI redesign
- new: Preference file and load dialogs propose Auto-Weld option
- new: More tolerant island marquee selection
- new: HUD text color can now be customized
- new: Group boxes corners are now red colored when their shape are edited (until new pack)
- new: Linux moved to RHEL 8 support only
- new: Show label switch now impact group stacks too
- new: Status bar blue notification when saving or exporting files
- new: Mix Scale button is now in the Scale Optimization Range block
- fix: Load using shell command line at RizomUV lauch doesn't load normals
- fix: Across islands weld unselected islands
- fix: MacOS crash at start up in some circumstances
- fix: Stack and group similar create a single stack instead of one for each group of similar island
- fix: Error message when trying to weld vertices
- fix: Stamp Exporter width & height display bug
- fix: Stamp Exporter error Parameter print resolution unit is not supported
- fix: Hidden polygons are not shown when using Show All command
- fix: Locked Shape group are rescaled instead of keeping their size
- fix: sometimes a windows appears and ask to click ok 70 times
- fix: MacOS selection doesn't work on retina screens
- fix: Retina mac display is blurry
- fix: UV tile grid is not updated when UV Tile shape is changed
- fix: Stamp exports wrongly when image resolution is not square
- fix: Polygon selection undo redo are broken

Release 2022 Sept. 29: version 2022.1.57
- new: File Model Group Selector revamped
- new: Magic wand selection can now cross over seams
- new: Tiles can be selected using the K key + left mouse button
- new: Contextual help panel now displays bindings relevant to current primitive mode
- new: Modo and Blender mouse presets have been updated
- new: Python script method App.Exit(returnCode) now closes the application with the returnCode as return code integer
- new: RizomUV now exits with error code 1 if launched with option /nle and license is unavailable
- fix: Some files saved by previous version of RizomUV won't load
- fix: MACOS: Sometimes a window appears multiple times and prevents from saving

Release 2022 Sept. 1: version 2022.1.35
- new: New histogram mode to select islands according to their sizes (see the mode selector in the UI bottom near the colour and histogram bar).
- new: Drag & drop alt function load without UVs
- new: Basic Python doc added in Scripting Help
- new: Tile can now be offseted in VS
- new: Apple Silicon version
- new: MacOS version is codesigned
- new: Scaling Seek Range visualizer improvement
- new: Planar projections Top/Bottom/Front/Back/Left/Right
- new: Planar projection with custom direction with pick and apply
- new: Dropdown's display is now bumped
- new: Python 3.7 embedded for all platforms
- new: Pinned vertice's color can now be customized (see preference dialog)
- new: Texel density default value can now be customized (see preference dialog)
- new: Texel density unit default value can now be customized (in preferences dialog)
- new: Overflow mode has now its default value in preference dialog too
- new: Default values customisation system added, mainly for packing (see preference dialog)
- new: Polygon Magic Wand now has an angle crease visualiser
- new: Polygon Magic Wand now use model file's normals
- new: Tile lock button
- new: Model's normal are now used for display
- new: Hidden and selected polycount display
- new: Locked Shape mode for groups
- new: Adaptive Shape mode is now the default for groups
- fix: Busy mouse pointer appear too early
- fix: can't load FBX using channel indexes in some cases
- fix: DEV-15 Planar projection rescaling bug
- fix: RS version exports a empty quad when using UVin3D in the exporter
- fix: MacOS Retina display (icons)
- fix: MacOS build with SDK 11.3
- fix: Optimize brush crash
- fix: crash if Topocopy is user-stopped during its operation
- fix: crash when loading a png with alpha as user texture
- fix: U and V Tile scale controllers are misbehaving (bug introduced in January)
- fix: namespace alias
- fix: Autoseam won't work and display "Rootgroup not found"
- fix: Create group and ungroup are enabled even if only tiles are selected
- fix: Packing settings controlers display "mixed" in case of both groups and island selected
- fix: Objects coming from FBX files are misplaced when geometry's SRT controllers values are not at their default value
- fix: OBJ export adds the mtllib tag even if there is not material file, which create incompatibility with some modelers
- fix: Topocopy Stack and Group Similar doesn't create group with Stack behavior mode
- fix: Crash in some context when transforming
- fix: Switches' enabled state is not visible when mouse is hovering it
- fix: Select group content doesn't select locked islands

Release Build 2021 Nov 24: version 2022.0.11

- new: Color map bar can now be used to select islands by Texel Density, by Distortion or by Absolute Stretch
- new: Color map bar displays the Texel Density, Distortion or Absolute Stretch as histograms
- new: Color map bar displays the selected range of Texel Density, Distortion
- new: The soft selection panel is now in the UV Viewport
- new: Packing does a better usage of tile area in all contexts
- new: Status bar now has script & log button
- new: Area selection mode buttons are now placed in the Select panel
- new: Rotation and scale now use bounding boxes center instead of centroids
- new: Pixel snapping mode for translation
- new: Group can have their frame locked but their content can be still be packed
- new: Exporter can now export texel density UV renders
- new: Natural mesh borders and seams now have distinct and customizable colors.
- new: Some Icon redesign
- new: Icons now use standard display mode regarding to disabled and set/un set states
- new: Status bar background color turns red for error and orange for warning
- new: New icons for rotations
- new: The startup selection primitive mode can now be customized (see preferences dialog)
- new: New button switch to show/hide Group's and tile's "Content" button (formerly "islands")
- new: Mousewheel now scroll panel dockers
- new: Viewport's elements like Tile and Group's title or transformation handlers are now highlighted when the mouse pointer goes over them
- new: Selection in group now recursively select island groups too
- new: Double click for Element selection and group selected can be used in select add or deselected modes (depending of keyboard modifiers)
- new: Groups in Stack mode use a minimalist display to make the viewport's space more clear
- new: Texel Density Gradient Bar now reacts to the visible island set only
- new: Packing takes group state's flatness in account to determine if the group will be packed or ignored
- new: Tile's titles and their coverage display can be enabled/disabled
- new: New Seams edge markers are now displayed in edge primitive mode. See preferences for customization.
- new: New ToolTip window
- new: Improved Island and Groups panel with new icons
- new: Locking is now moved into the Islands and Groups panel
- new: Groups now have 4 reshaping handles
- new: Add in group
- new: Improved group frame colouring in locking context
- new: Nested groups
- new: Packing properties panel reworked
- new: New Island properties label visualisation system
- new: Bounding box dimensions of the selection in 3D view are displayed in the HUD of the 3D view
- new: Target TD, Map resolution, and scene unit are now file persistent
- new: Mouse wheel now control sliders and numbered text entries. Shift add 10, Ctrl add 0.1, Alt x2 or /2. Mix Shift and Alt to add 100, Mix Ctrl and Alt to add 0.01
- new: Per island factor scaling property
- new: groups bounding boxes are now actual borders for packing
- new: Density pickers can work in all primitive selection mode
- new: HUD displays selected TD range
- new: HUD now displays current selection set's TD
- new: Margin and Spacing are now decoupled from Map Rez
- new: Text entry fields now loose their focus when mouse button is pressed
- new: TD pickers now works in all primitive modes
- new: Pack can now optimise the islands scaling
- new: Edge constrains can be removed using all primitive selection mode (not only edge and island mode)
- new: FBX loader dialog now detect and display UV set naming inconsistencies
- new: Previous command.log is backup as command.log.old
- new: Model group selector now has selection counters
- new: Translation, Cut and Weld are twice faster
- new: Data Explorer can watch and log data
- new: Lua script API now has ZomEval
- new: Data Explorer now have a popup menu with lua related script tools
- new: Data explorer dialog has now a persistent tree view
- new: Explorer dialog tree no longer close its tree on data update
- new: startup log is more detailed
- new: SDK can compile using MSVC 2017 toolset
- fix: Apply texel density create degenerate islands in case of zero area islands
- fix: Mitigated aux elements are transformed
- fix: Overfit in case of extreme padding values
- fix: Context help add too many lines in the text ctrl
- fix: Running two instances of Rizom display a commandlog error message box
- fix: SPACE BAR transform tool is broken in some contexts
- fix: Optimise fail sometimes in presence of inverted islands
- fix: Selected islands now move to selected tiles even if their tile is not selected
- fix: Crash when zooming out at maximum in some contexts
- fix: Apply texel density creates very big islands in case of null area islands
- fix: Crash when selecting by raycast some very ugly geometries
- fix: Bad min & max default packing scaling values
- fix: Some packing properties should be disabled/enabled in some selection state
- fix: Grid visibility switch is broken
- fix: Polyloop is broken
- fix: Mac only. Modal dialogs triggers hotkeys when user is entering text
- fix: Island selection is not ignored when not in island selection mode by some Layout feature
- fix: AutoFit is triggered even when no island has been newly added in a tile
- fix: When distribute is on, island in tiles stay in their tiles
- fix: Packing settings custom TD value is wrong
- fix: Model turn completely black after using "Set TD" in presence of infinitely small islands in UV Space
- fix: Geometry based symmetry doesn't detect symmetry in certain cases
- fix: Error message when removing edge constrains in some primitive mode
- fix: FBX export creates additional UV channels with empty names in some cases
- fix: Locked tile and group text is black on black
- fix: Crash when closing some dialogs while app is computing something
- fix: Exception when using branch and skeleton
- fix: Island orientation are optimised even with Shift-P in some contexts
- fix: The invisible root group is selected when using marquee selection
- fix: Removed FBX property dialog in LoadUV and SaveAs because of third party crash
- fix: Assert message when importing / exporting FBX with options on Linux
- fix: Application doesn't respond after starting it in some contexts
- fix: In edit mode transform, navigation doesn't work if the mouse pointer is over the selected region bounding box
- fix: Development changelog wrong versions
- fix: Anti aliasing feature is gone

Release 2021 janv. 23: version 2020.1.139
- new: Preference dialog now has a single column and a scrollbar
- new: Magic wand gizmo
- new: FBX import export dialog
- fix: OpenGL selects sometimes the onboard GPU instead of the high performance card
- fix: Color map ruler text doesn't update in texel density display Neutral or Manual modes
- fix: FBX issue when exporting files with multiple UVs with different names in channel index mode
- fix: Exporter's file path displays are sometimes truncated
- fix: Locked islands are not transformed by manual features and transform misbehave in presence of locked islands
- fix: Topocopy fail in Symmetric or in Both mode
- fix: edge loops is misbehaving in certain case, especially in geometric mode
- fix: Eror if some constraints are added in wrong primitive mode
- fix: Angle Limit and Edge Count Limit are ignored by edge loop when triggered by the shortcut Alt-X
- fix: exporter dialog is too confusing
- fix: No export in certain tile configuration
- fix: Exporter doesn't warn in presence of weird settings
- fix: Frontier is not the right word for border
- fix: Model Dialog Still does not tile Object(s) into tiles
- fix: Magic wand run even when not in selection mode
- fix: Sharp Edges selection select unexpected edges
- fix: php syntax error in library build

Release 2021 janv. 06: version 2020.1.110
- fix: Linux version don't start because of icon image is missing
- fix: MAC only: selection not using marquee on primitives doesn't select, error message when selecting islands

Release 2021 janv. 03: version 2020.1.108
- fix: Edge selection see thru mode doesn't play well

Release 2020 dec. 23: version 2020.1.107
- new: Main UI font size can be changed. This can fix issues with low res screens or when the OS force too much large font sizes resulting in wasted space and small space for viewports
- fix: blue viewport display on MAC

Release 2020 dec. 22: version 2020.1.105
- new: Similar islands can use the original uncut topology
- new: Similar islands can now update the seams too
- new: Similar islands can now work polygon and vertex selection
- new: Similar islands has a new tool : Update, which update the seams and coordinates letting the updated island at is current position
- new: Similar islands selection is now associated to the same tool
- new: default install path now ends 2020.1 instead of 2020. Bridges configs must update their path to rizomuv.exe
- new: Magnet Weld. Weld edges if their opposite are close enough. This tool can fix importing issues when the UV topology add unexpected cuts.
- fix: topocopy crash on special topology
- fix: Zeroed Mac address are not ignored
- fix:dev: border edges are not more light shaded
- fix: Background gradient is not displayed
- fix: undo after a topocopy only undo the last task change
- fix: island selection is not visible if island is under a another island, even in UV space
- fix: Display update in mesh outline and texture map is not done (introduced recently)
- fix: zoom in orthographic mode update the view center incorrectly

Release Build 2020 May 05: version 2020.0.89
- fix: crash at FBX file load when contain suspect RizomUV data

Release Build 2020 May 04: version 2020.0.88
- new: UV Maps names are displayed even if FBX file is loaded in channel index mode (default)
- new: Improved denoise (for meshes coming photogrametry)
- new: AutoSeams panel is now present in island selection mode

Release Build 2020 Apr 30: version 2020.0.85
- fix: ZomItemNames is missing

Release Build 2020 Apr 28: version 2020.0.82
- new: Ray casting selection can now be disabled (see Select menu)

Release Build 2020 Apr 28: version 2020.0.80
- new: FBX Enabled partial UV sets (see preference dialog)
- new: FBX Delete unused UV sets (see preference dialog)

Release Build 2020 Apr 25: version 2020.0.77
- fix: uv vertex mess when loading FBX files with incomplete UVs
- fix: uv map mess when loading FBX files with mixed UV map names

Release Build 2020 Apr 24: version 2020.0.76
- new: global optimizations
- new: AutoSeams, Quads analysis for revolution shapes and extruded shapes
- new: layout texel density is displayed in packing properties panel when custom mode is disabled
- fix: Overall slowness. A memory corruption at exit make Windows enabling the FTH (Fault Tolerant Heap) mode. To reset the FTH enabled application list run the command: Rundll32.exe fthsvc.dll,FthSysprepSpecialize

Release Build 2020 Apr 08: version 2020.0.70
- new: tiles and island groups are now deselected like other primitives
- new: room space is now displayed in pixel or real unit depending of the layout unit mode
- new: spacing and margin are now displayed in the tile and island group boxes
- fix: spacing and margin spinner increments behaves badly in pixel mode
- fix: Fit and Squarify do not process islands outside the tile
- fix: Apply density eat all undo stack and take age to compute when used with a lot of tiles
- fix: Scale tools doesn't process correctly islands outside tiles

Release Build 2020 Apr 08: version 2020.0.66
- new: better mesh repair algorithm for non manifold edges
- fix: optimize does nothing when non manifold edges are fixed at load
- fix: sometimes optimize does nothing because of small island size
- fix: loaded file path is not updated (__updateGUIFilepath removed)
- fix: checkbox color are too much saturated
- fix: island selection color is not visible when mesh is too much dense

Release Build 2020 Mar 25: version 2020.0.59
- fix: Stutters when GUI changes
- fix: Copy file name to clipboard copy directory only

Release Build 2020 Mar 25: version 2020.0.58
- new: Icons improvement for Fit
- fix: Island Rescale 1:1 doesn't scale island that are outside the tile grid

Release Build 2020 Mar 23: version 2020.0.52
- new: Improved Slider's look and space use
- new: Edge alignment constraints with hinges
- fix: Auto Iteration mode actually run 1 single iteration

Release Build 2020 Mar 09: version 2020.0.42
- new: Icons for texel density
- new: Edge Loop stop at selection switch
- new: improved Activation Dialog license status diagnostic
- new: HUD
- new: warning for AutoFit and Redistribute
- fix: #149 Saving FBX cause Crash with multiple UV Set in some cases
- fix: delete group generate lua script that when exectued produce errors
- fix: Live U mode doesn't unfold the right islands
- fix: Edge Loop Selection is slow

Release Build 2020 Feb 25: version 2020.0.30
- new: Packing texel density is now linked to the layout pixel density by default and can by unlinked
- new: Texel density tools design improvements

Release Build 2020 Feb 24: version 2020.0.29
- new: Texel density picker icon
- fix: "Error: The variable is not found: 'DistributeSpace'"
- fix: Island group panel is too tall

Release Build 2020 Feb 19: version 2020.0.28
- new: improved license error diagnostic
- fix:License activation dialog display Green Button even when floating license is not available

Release Build 2020 Feb 19: version 2020.0.27
- fix: "File->Copy file path into clipboard" create unix path format under windows
- fix: -- Error: Bad type (or not convertible) for variable: '?' expected variable type is: bool. But present type is: double

Release Build 2020 Feb 18: version 2020.0.24
- new: distribute features can now process vertexes independendly (see the Group switch)
- fix: RizomUV Properties OBJ is too long so software like xNormal have problem reading OBJ files

Release Build 2020 Feb 17: version 2020.0.22
- new: deeper detection of OpenGL errors
- fix: Real Time Optimize creates Bad type Error

Release Build 2020 Feb 17: version 2020.0.20
- new: Windows OpenGL Glew and OpenGL debug log
- fix: model groups are not loaded in simple "Load" mode

Release Build 2020 Feb 08: version 2020.0.8
- new: Auto Save (See preferences dialog)

Release 2019 Dec 14: version 2019.1.14
Attempted Fix: UI is no longer laggy

Release 2019 Dec 12: version 2019.1.12
- new: RS-specific features
- new: button "bug" and "feat" to signal bugs and request feature (in the lower right of the GUI)

Release 2019 Dec 10: version 2019.1.11
- fixed: crash (prefereces not found)

Release 2019 Dec 09: version 2019.1.10
- fixed: macOS version now runs on High Sierra
- fixed: RizomUV now runs on High Sierra
- fixed: In some cases, the activation dialog was not displayed. It is now
- fixed: In some cases, the Optimize iteration count was ignored. It is not anymore
- fixed: command log file had a different name for each session. It now has the same name

Release 2019 Dec 04: version 2019.1.6
- new: CommandLog file (for debug purposes)

Release 2019 Dec 02: version 2019.1.5
- fixed: The OBJ file exporter erased mesh normals (bug introduced in 2019.1.0). This is now fixed

Release 2019 Nov 21: version 2019.1.3
- new: The Linux version ships with a universal setup and significant work has been done to ensure the build runs on as many distros as possible.
- new: For those allergic to installers, running the archive should suffice.
- new: Auto-Stacking of Overlapped Islands: As requested, users can now generate stacked groups from overlapped islands.
- new: Viewport update: As requested, we have removed the static viewports for the 2D(UV) and 3D views. The separator bar between the views is now moveable.
- new: Auto-iteration mode for Unfold and Optimize: Rather than having to define your own unwrap or unfolding iterations, the automatic mode stops relaxing your UVs once it has reached predefined thresholds.
- new: UI Scrollbars: As requested, we added scrollability to the upper and lower panels in the UI. We also added them into the scripting and command log dialog
- new: Scripting - Script Panel Enhancement: The script panel now has buttons to enable running an external text editor of choice
- new: Viewport texture decal mode. This mode renders the checkerboard, grid, or custom textures without any type of lighting or native colour maps.
- new: Scripting: Shading Mode and Texture Source are now scriptable
- new: Scripting: Select Overlaps by polygon or by island is now scriptable
- new: Scripting: Temporary Command File: The new startup flag “-cfit” now utilizes a session-only command file. It enables you to run multiple instances of RizomUV with different command files. This is i.e. super useful for bridge creators and bridges.
- new: New Reset Scripts
- new: Tweaked online documentation
- new: As requested, users can now set density using uniform transform
- new: As requested, the 3D viewport now has X,Y, and Z-up modes to fix Maya or Blender axis import issues
- new: As Requested: Auto Seam improvements
- fix: Select overlaps no longer ignores perfectly overlapped polygons
- fix: The Explorer flag on opening a file is set to All Files by default, not FBX.
- fix: Non-square FBX tiles now update when the geometry changes.
- fix: UV sets can now contain special characters on import.
- fix: The Autoseam panel now takes less space.
- fix: License activation dialog now takes less space
- fix: Context help panel now has the correct size
- fix: The Mosaic option in Auto Seam no longer slows down
- fix: Autoseam can become very slow in some cases when limit stretch is enabled
- fix: Some program exceptions no longer result in data loss.
- fix: Back viewport button no longer displays mesh upside down
- fix: Undo now works after running a similar island operation that had an empty island working set
- fix: Mac-specific: Custom grid texture system is no longer missing

Real Spaces Specific
- new: RS now has additional stretch visualization modes
- new: RS now lets you keep the metric toggle for Optimise and using the Optimise Brush, so you can switch between RS and VS modes when using them

Release 2019 Jun 06: version 2019.0.16
- new: Percentage Tile usage display (island tile ownership is determined using island's bounding box center)
- new: Stack Similar islands (and Island Group Stack Similars) now takes the island selection as working set. The first island selected is now the reference island and destination position. The old behavior remains if only one island is selected, in that case the working set is the visible island set.
- new: New island hiding system: As both viewport can now display or not depending on their flatness state, all feature have been updated to be able to work on only a subset of the island set. Also, the island set will be determined using the mouse position, i.e: If the mouse pointer is inside the 3d viewport, and if the 3D viewport display not flats island only, then only the 3d islands will be processed by a feature.
- new: BRIDGE DEVS: Added variable "Vars.File.DefaultSaveDescriptor", so that bridge scripts can set a default file descriptor that will be set when a saving dialog will be open. Leave that string empty to let the descriptor be determined using the current file extension: To set the string to FBX ascii for instance, use this command: ZomSet({Path="Vars.File.SaveDescriptor", Value="FBX ascii (*.fbx)"})
- new: Flip Local
- new: Both viewports can now display either Flat or Not Flat or Both Flat and NotFlat islands. All features are applied to what is displayed in the viewport in which your mouse pointer is placed in
- new: Conversion from polygon selection to edge selection (polygons must be selected, and the feature should be used in edge selection mode)
- new: If all islands of a group are not displayed, the group is not displayed as well.
- new: Island selection is still visible even other primitive selection modes than "Island". For instance, if some islands are selected and in Edge selection mode, If you pack "P", only the selected islands will be packed.
- new: Scripting: Almost all tasks takes now the parameter "WorkingSet", which can be set as a combination of the strings "Visible", "Flat", "NotFlat" , "Selected". The parameters define the island set on which the task will be applied
- new: New viewport switch
- new: New convert selection
- new: Links to discord and support.rizom-lab.com
- new: Island Groups, UDims, Tile geometry, Island properties are now saved into FBX files
- new: Script Launcher Panel. Register and run lua scripts from the UI. Hotkey can be customised using the Keyboard and mouse dialog
- new: New strategy when exporting multi UV sets into FBX files. The old UVs are erased and new layer and new UV elements are created for all meshes unless "Use UV Set Name" is enabled (see preference window)
- new: Grid texture can be customized (see preferences dialog)
- new: Point snapping (snap vertexes, edges, polygons and islands selection to vertexes located on island's border). The snapping distance can be viewport zoom based, grid based, or absolute distance based
- new: Grid snapping distance can now be viewport zoom based, grid based (with possibility to subdivide more the current grid subdivision), or absolute distance based
- new: In-panel statistics island, group and tile selection now displayed in color and condensed
- fix: UV in 3D obj export doesn't export groups, materials, and
- fix: Zoom and pan jumps! happened when after trying to orbit in the UV view even if the orbit is disabled
- fix: Stack Similar(s) features don't take the right first selected island for some task sequences.
- fix: Similar features doesn't process all similar islands even when the similarity threshold is set to zero.
- fix: Link with the last Intel MKL library (in order to solve a windows only issue)
- fix: Hotkeys trigger even when user enter file name into the file saving dialog
- fix: Unwrap flattens hidden islands in some context
- fix: Polygon selection doesn't select symmetric polygons when symmetry is enabled
- fix: Rotate island +90 -90 180 doesn't work for individual islands
- fix: Stretch control (Autoseams) goes into infinite loops in rare cases
- fix: Internal errors don't raise boxed messages
- fix: Potential error when Stretch limiter is enabled
- fix: If an OBJ file is imported then FBX file exported, the FBX file contains wrong normals
- fix: The "Island" button in the tile lower left corner doesn't select the islands contained into the tile
- fix: UI freeze on MacOSX
- fix: UI and LUA script doesn't give the same results (impacts autoseams full auto and model groups to tiles features)
- fix: Panel title is sometimes rotated and it shouldn't
- fix: Island selection color is not dimmed in other primitive selection modes than the island mode
- fix: Fit, Squarify, Island Scaling do not work anymore (introduced in previous beta release

Release 17 Dec 2018: version 2018.0.171
- new: Flip Local

Release 10 Dec 2018: version 2018.0.170
- fix: Pack refuses to work in some contexts

Release 10 Dec 2018: version 2018.0.169
- fix: Link with the last Intel MKL library (in order to solve a windows only issue)

Release 08 Nov 2018: version 2018.0.162
- fix: Similar features doesn't process all similar islands even when the similarity threshold is set to zero.

Release 07 Nov 2018: version 2018.0.161
- new: BRIDGE DEVS: Added variable "Vars.File.DefaultSaveDescriptor", so that bridge scripts can set a default file descriptor that will be set when a saving dialog will be open. Leave that string empty to let the descriptor be determined using the current file extension:
To set the string to FBX ascii for instance, use this command: ZomSet({Path="Vars.File.SaveDescriptor", Value="FBX ascii (*.fbx)"})
- fix: Stack Similar(s) features don't take the right first selected island for some task sequences.

Release 06 Nov 2018: version 2018.0.160
- new: % Tile usage display (island tile ownership is determined using island's bounding box center)
- new: Stack Similar islands (and Island Group Stack Similars) now takes the island selection as working set. The first island selected is now the reference island and destination position. The old behavior remains if only one island is selected, in that case the working set is the visible island set.
- fix: zoom and pan jumps! happened when after trying to orbit in the UV view even if the orbit is disabled

Release 29 Oct 2018: version 2018.0.157
- new: fit to grid can be multi or not (grouped or ungrouped)
- new: switch on/off for mouse wheel
- fix: unsassigned hotkeys are set to default at next start
- fix: preferences are not saved when preference dialog is closed

Release 20 Oct 2018: version 2018.0.154
- fix: When zoom it is near to maximum the mesh disappears sometimes in 3D view

Release 18 Oct 2018: version 2018.0.153
- fix: island with zeroed UV coordinates cannot be unfolded
- fix: mesh containing 3D polygons that have exactly two opposites triangles create crash at load

Release 11 Oct 2018: version 2018.0.151
- new: Viewport Pan amplitude is now related to hit point
- new: Island Group inline documentation has been updated
- fix: Viewports jumps when zooming

10 Oct 2018: version 2018.0.149
- new: Packing is now multithreaded
- new: Align Island(s) using selected primitives. Vertically or horizontally. It is now possible to align the island so that it take the orientation of its selected edge(s). But you can use also any points/polygons or even the whole island(s).
- fix: Wireframe color is black on black background

08 Oct 2018: version 2018.0.147
- fix: Crash when using topology-based symmetry in certain cases
- fix: Tiles can be deleted

04 Oct 2018: version 2018.0.143
- fix: All Similar Islands features (including stack similar) now give expected results in case of islands having multiple symmetry. They now both use the island topology and shape to determine the right mapping from the ones that comes from the multiple symmetries.

02 Oct 2018: version 2018.0.141
- new: Viewport Orbit can now have its rotation point under the mouse (ray casting to geometry is done to define the rotation point). This is the default mode, use the preference dialog to switch back to the View Centered mode.
- new: All similar islands features can now process symmetric islands (this is also true for stack similars)
- new: New translation button in the Gizmo (no more problem when the gizmo is to much small)
- fix: Viewport Zoom now redefines the focus point using ray casting. This prevent from the geometry to disappear most of the time.

27 Sep 2018: version 2018.0.130
- new: Auto Seams Stretch Control and full AUTO UV are more robust. The UVs computed in the auto select task are now directly used as a flattening solution.

10 Sep 2018: version 2018.0.109
- new: AutoSeams Stretch Control now use a brand new algorithm and give far more robust results: no more self-overlaps and better control on the allowed stretch. (Disable "High Quality" to get faster results)
- new: AutoSeams Size Limiter. Cut too much big/long islands into smaller pieces as they can lower down the UV area usage A LOT.
- fix: OBJ group list double after a click on "Island to Tiles"

20 Aug 2018: version 2018.0.102
- new: Revolution Shapes detection for Mosaic (useful with hard surface meshes)
- new: More viewport colors are customizable (see the preference dialog)
- fix: OBJ File export doesn't export (bug introduced in 2018.0.100)
- fix: Viewport hotkeys are not saved

17 Aug 2018: version 2018.0.100
- new: UI colors and viewport colors are now customizable (see the preference dialog)
- new: Scripting, island selection and visibility flags are now exposed (Read only)
- fix: Activation dialog now has a scrollbar when display are small

17 Jul 2018: version 2018.0.94
- new: Auto Transform Islands before welding (also known as stitching)
- new: Can load model that have UV vertex count inferior to the 3D vertex count
- fix: Crash when using "Align island to edge"

27 Jun 2018: version 2018.0.84
- new: Topology-based symmetry detection (select one edge on symmetry plane or two edges for two island symmetry then press "Shift-S")
- new: Stack Symmetrical part on Master or on Slave parts
- new: Symmetrical Edges are cut and welded even if the symmetric island is hidden
- new: Edges on the symmetry plane and slave polygons are now drawn/painted in green.
- new: AutoSeams Reweld can now filter islands using their dimension

19 Jun 2018: version 2018.0.76
- new: Pre-Stitch Island transform by Edge. Select a border edge, click on Pre-Stitch, the opposite island will be transformed so that it stitch to the selected edge.
- new: Rotate +/-90 and 180
- new: CheckBoard texture as enough tiles when texture tiling factor is equal to 1

18 Jun 2018: version 2018.0.75
- new: Island redistribution in Multi-Tiles (UDIMs) is now optional. When disabled, islands remains in their respective tiles.
- new: Toggle Isolate. If used with an empty selection and when there is no island underneath the mouse, it will reveal all islands, excepted the ones that have been hidden using "Hide" feature.

13 Jun 2018: version 2018.0.73
- fix: File Data selection dialog selection is reset after any task or primitive tool mode change
- fix: MacOS: UV Viewport is not fully rendered after a fullscreen UV

01 Jun 2018: version 2018.0.70
- new: Improvement in UV space usage when packing non similar stacked islands
- fix: Objects file info loss when loading OBJ and saving FBX

30 May 2018: version 2018.0.68
- new: Create Group Stack on non similar islands
- fix: Packing group stack of non similar islands create unwanted overlaps

29 May 2018: version 2018.0.66
- fix: Hotkeys doesn't work in the viewports sometimes.

23 May 2018: version 2018.0.62
- new: New options in command line. Try rizomuv.exe /h
- fix: Splashscreen create problem with some bridges

13 April 2018
- new: Similarity control for all topological copy features

5 April 2018
- fix: Poly group / Material / Object / Smooth Group dialog Selector cease to work after cut or weld in many cases

4 April 2018
- new: The positions of some UI elements are now customizable (see Edit->Prerefences)
- fix: Slow frame rate with multiple UDims
- fix: Transform tool blocked when using TAB key
- fix: Dialogs have wrong size

31 March 2018
- new: Complete reorganisation of panels and UI
- new: Some optimization on display refresh rate
- fix: Align center tool does not center
- fix: Crash when starting app from shell
- fix: Incorrect display of polycount

19 March 2018
- new: Flip using Left|Right|Top|Bottom selection bouding box axis or underlying tile.
- new: Advanced Auto Select Box Options

07 Mar 2018
- new: Panel titles brighter
- fix: Clone tool (even in isolation mode)
- fix: Crash and memory leak at exit

22 Feb 2018
- new: FULL AUTO UV modes (check the Auto Seams Panel)
- new: Color Bar with Texel Density.
- new: Projection Box and Average Normal.
- new: Polygon Magic Wand angles can be changed using ALT+MouseWheel or SHIFT+MouseWheel.
- new: Transform Mode.
- new: UI look.
- new: Mosaic is several order of magnitude faster.
- new: Texel Density can now be set in Pixel/Unit.
- Built with the 2018 FBX SDK.
- Many bug fixed.

19 Jan 2018
- new: Polygon Magic Wand
- new: ReWeld (Auto Seams)
- fix: C4D Preset.

10 Jan 2018
- new: Improved Cinema 4D preset
- new: Faster UI (widgets only)

30 Dec 2017
- new: Mouse and Keyboard Interaction Customizer
- new: Auto Seam Box
- new: Fit to Grid
- new: UI improvments
- fix: Many Bug fixes