About Us

Believe it or not, our startup has a history:

 Rémi Arquier created another UV unwrapping solution in 2003 and registered the trademark in 2004. At that time, this program was one of the first commercial UV mappers on the market, and one of the few capable of flattening complex geometry without stretch, pinch or distortion. It rapidly became a staple in the CG industry, used by indies as well as in major AAA game and film studio pipelines. You’ll even find Rémi’s code in Autodesk’s applications, as his unwrapping algorithm is currently what powers Maya®’s and SoftImage®’s onboard UV Mappers.

Fast Forward to 2019: Rémi  went solo in 2016 with his new company and software: Rizom-Lab's RizomUV. The name comes from rhizome. A rhizome is an always growing, underground root system which never stops growing. And we don't intend to.
Currently, the company is on a quest to create the perfect UV mapping toolset, capable of generating shells, flattening and packing UVs in seconds, not hours. RizomUV aims at speed and ease, and we do this by focusing on user feedback, honing our code, and of course, inventing new tools and touches benefiting our users. So far, we’ve been doing great, and you can see this for yourself in one of our two standalone applications, RizomUV Virtual Spaces or RizomUV Real Spaces. In addition, we offer pipeline or software companies access to our integratable RizomUV C++ Library.

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